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Welcome to Roof Assessment

A roof management plan includes the inspection and collection of roofing data in a structured format that is used by roofing professionals to make roof assessments. Included in a Roofing Assessment document is typically , the building location, roof summary with the current , Assessed Service Life Remaining (ASLR) using a roof condition index of 0-100; the scale of 100 indicates a new condition with 0 meaning the roofing service life is expired and needs replacement, roof system construction, photos of any core cuts to confirm the actual component attachment with a listing of the layers of the roofing system, a detailed list of roof top equipment, a list of roofing defects with photos, moisture surveys, Inspections observations.


When the data is organized in industry formats users from several disciplines; architects, engineer, consultant, properly managers and facility managers can all help make informed decisions.


If the data is standardized and in a electronic data format the assessment can be shared with other firms for updating by exporting the data to a compatible program.

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